The Motorway Is Coming

Published 18th of May, 2022

After many years in the Planning and Consultancy Phase, work has finally started on the first part of the Paphos to Polis motorway. We took a look to see what had been done so far.

Minthis Motorway


We reported on the planned motorway some time ago. It was a two part article, and as the route seems to be sticking to the plans we had seen, I recommend you read that if you are curious. There are links at the bottom of this article.

Also bear in mind the following: when Cyprus says a motorway they don't mean something like the M6. In the case of the Paphos to Polis motorway, it will be a single carriageway affair. It will also involve several tunnels and bridges, so is quite an undertaking.

In this first picture, I have driven along the road from Kallepeia to Tsada. The motorway will pass under this, through a tunnel, just after the turning to Minthis Hills Golf Course. This shot shows the scene from below.



There is no sign of any actual tunneling yet. Currently, the contractors are getting the access routes established.

Tunnel Hill


It looks like the area directly above the tunnel is currently a rubbish tip. Hopefully the motorway will put a stop to that, as dumping rubbish there would not be a good look.

Towards Minthis Hills


You can see where the access route runs down towards Minthis Hills. It turns right before it gets there and heads to Marathounta.

Solar Success


I took most of these shots with my drone. There is a film at the end of the blog which is also worth a watch. It starts by showing the access roads and then just flies around the countryside for a bit.

While I was flying the drone, I was startled by these solar panels. I was standing next to them, and didn't expect them to move! In fact, they rotated to ensure they were getting the optimum amount of sunlight at all time.

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