Cyprus Giant Fennel

Published 25th of March, 2019

The spring flowers in Cyprus are starting to bloom, and some are more prominent than others. The giant fennel is one such plant. It can dominate an area and put on a stunning display, as we shall see...

Paphos Vista


On a sunny spring day, we like nothing better than to get out into the countryside and take in the scenery.

Obstructed View


Sometimes when taking pictures though, your view can get obstructed. Normally in a situation like this I would take a few steps to the side and take a different snap. However, today the obstructions were looking so magnificent we decided to focus on them instead.

Giant Fennel


Ferula Communis, to give Giant Fennel its posh name, is abundant throughout Cyprus in the springtime. Believe it or not it is in the carrot family of plants.

Bee - Friendly


It is certainly popular with insects, and has a number of uses for humans too. There are reported but not-specified medicinal benefits, and it can also be used as tinder.


Plus it looks pretty.

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