The Paphos to Polis Motorway - Part 1

Published 29th of September, 2019

A new motorway is coming to Paphos. It will link the existing A6 motorway to the North West coast of the island, reduce travel time, and aid congestion on the B7. That's the plan, anyway. Alternatively, it will destroy precious natural areas and be an expensive waste of money. We decided to take a look at the proposed route for ourselves, so now at least you will know exactly where the motorway will go. Possibly.

This Green and Pleasant Land


The motorway has been talked about for some time now, and gone through several incarnations. I am basing this blog on a rather large report published by the government. It doesn't contain the latest data (it is now going to be single lane and stop at Stroumpi), however, it does contain the most amount of information.

Why Stop At Stroumpi?


Stopping at Stroumpi is only Phase 1. However, that does deal with the biggest potential bottleneck; the B7 from Paphos to Tsada.

There are protests about the plans, and a counter-proposal is that the B7 should be widened. This blog aims to be agnostic, and merely sets out to present facts as we find them.


The blog itself is in two parts, because there is a lot of ground to cover. We include maps from the report mentioned, plus our own maps designed to show you where the pictures were taken from. I felt this was necessary because a lot of the area is fairly inaccessible to non-farm vehicles. If you are thinking of following our route, bear in mind that we met a lot of dead-ends and got covered in prickles during the course of this, so come prepared!


We had great fun though. The Paphos countryside is lovely and the motorway will certainly go through some stunning scenery.

Let Us Begin


These first five shots have just been a taster, to give you a flavour for what's to come. So let's go back now to the A6, where the motorway is supposed to begin...

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