The Crystal Hills of Polemi

Published 11th of April, 2017

We were introduced to the Crystal Hills a few years back. It was the first time we visited Polemi and we were on the hunt for geocaches. This particularly one was a near perfect example of what makes a good cache: an interesting location that we would have been unlikely to find had there not been a cache there. The only thing that let the cache down was it's size, but we won't go into that here. Instead we shall have a look at the terrain, and see why the cache was called "The Crystal Hill".

The Track


If you drive past the school playground in Polemi, the road quickly peters out to a track. Soon it splits in two, with a small church to the left of the right-hand fork, nestled behind the shell of a half-finished villa. If you aren't in a 4x4, you would be wise to park your car by the church, and continue down the track on foot. Eventually you will arrive here.

If you want to find the EXACT location, use our directory. There you can find most of the locations featured in our blogs.

The Crystal Hill


There,to you right, stretches out a plain of Alabaster Gypsum.

In Detail


The floor you walk upon looks like this. I should point out that I have always worn sturdy shoes when visiting this site, and I cartainly wouldn't recommend visiting bare-footed.

Photos Don't Do It Justice


If the photographs look fairly flat, I can assure you that in reality, the rocks look incredibly vibrant, and sparkle in the sun.

More Detail


I am not a geologist, so I cannot tell you the significance of gypsum and why it looks the way it looks. Nor can I tell you why there would be deposits here.

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