Polemi in 500 Metres

Published 20th of February, 2021

I went for a stroll around Polemi this morning. I didn't use the SMS service, so had to stay within 500 metres of our house. Turns out the light was fantastic and I was able to take some nice pictures, assisted in part, by one of our cats who decided to follow me on my travels...

A Cold And Frosty Morning


There was a frost in Polemi this morning. It didn't leave nice icy patterns on the car window, but I photographed it anyway, just so you could see how cold it is. Now admittedly, if you are reading this in snow-bound Britain, you will quite rightly scoff at this. However, my blood is now used to 45 degree summers, so this was cold to me!

Frosty Vineyard


There was a sparkle in the air today. It was very clear, dust-wise, and the frost added an interesting element to the colours on display. Here you can see a well-manicured vineyard.



I didn't want to use up one of my available phonecalls this morning, so decided to keep my walk to within 500 metres of our house. This meant I could walk up to the main square, and take the left turn to the school and Olive Tree, before returning home down a farm track.

Solar Success


In past Polemi rambles we have gone along the summit of those hills in the distance. This time we are playing it a bit more "urban". Well, as urban as Polemi gets, anyway.

Urban Goats


From our house, if you take the direct road to the centre, you will go past a goat farm on your left.

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