The Polemi Countryside

Published 9th of October, 2019

The last couple of blogs have been a bit intense, so we thought we would chill out and go for a stroll through the Polemi Countryside, and take a look at the flora, fauna, and interesting gypsum formations that can be found in our beautiful Cyprus scenery...

The White Cliffs of Polemi


We shall start here. We've driven up a back road in the direction of Drymou. Normally you would turn left when you get to the huge gypsum rock to get to this location, but that road is still blocked from the winter rain. So we took a longer route to get here. As you can see, there are no vineyards here. The area is a bit too remote for that. Don't worry if you can't follow those instructions. Just pick a random track and go exploring!

Distant Stroumpi


If you turn around you get this view. Here you can see some more arable fields, in the distance at least.

Gypsum In The Wild


This was the main reason for our visit on this occasion. We had come to see the gypsum.

Crystal Tips


I say "we" because Alex is here with her camera too. You will get to see some of her pics soon.

Follow That Goat Path


Now Alex is fond of her close-ups, so I left her snapping bugs and headed off in this direction. There's a gorge down there that needs exploring...

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