Polemi Lockdown Part 2

Published 2nd of April, 2020

Another day, another walk around Polemi to stretch our legs. This time, after checking on the tulips, we are heading off towards the Winery...

Blooming Good Job


When we last visited the tulip field, all those days ago, they weren't yet in full bloom. They still aren't but there are definitely more of them now.




And it's not just tulips. A plethora of flowers adorns the field.

Mysterious Bowls


If you remember, a lady was in the field last time, claiming to do a scientific experiment. This would appear to be part of it.

Fences Within Fences


And there was more of it over there. I wonder what she was doing? It reminds me a bit of the Biology A Level Field Trip I went on many years ago, where I first met my wife, Alex. We were counting how many periwinkles there were in a mudbank, and we did so by throwing down squares and counting the crabs in that square. We would then scale up that number to get the full amount. Let's face it, how could romance not blossom in an environment like that?

That Way


Having checked the tulips we set off this way.

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