Souskiou Cemetery

Published 21st of August, 2018

Last spring we blogged about our visit to the abandoned village of Souskiou in the Diarizos Valley. We received numerous comments, some of which alluded to an ancient cemetery that lurked in the nearby hills. Well, this naturally piqued our curiosity, and we resolved to track them down. Over the next few months we made numerous excursions, and this is a summary of what we found...

The First Visit


Here we are near Souskiou, looking at a funny raised area of rock.

On Top Of The Rock


Climbing up reveals an odd assortment of holes.

View From Above


On a later visit I brought my 360 camera. This is a still taken showing the holes more clearly. But what are they?

Grave Situation


Fortunately, some passing archaeologists were able to explain that this was the grave site we had been looking for.

Yes, we actually met some passing archaeologists. I haven't just invented that for the sake of this blog. We met a couple of history buffs who had read up online about the site and come down to take a look.

They Even Had A Map


If you visit this site yourself, you will notice that a lot of the holes are numbered. This map shows where they all are. Presumably, in a museum somewhere, there are exhibits that came from these holes and they all have serial numbers that relate back to these numbers.

That's actually one of the main reasons why I am writing this blog. I want to show you where some of those items you see in museums actually came from. Normally all you see at the museum is a faded black and white photograph of the area. Hopefully you will now have a better picture of the location, and can imagine more clearly what life might have been like back then.

I don't want to give away the exact locations of these places though. If you are interested in viewing them, read the blog, view the website we refer to, and you should be able to find them yourself.

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