Winter Water Features

Published 4th of January, 2020

Last Year


One good thing, there is less vegetation waste than last year. This makes sense. Last year, the high waters will have washed away 7 years of built up mud and undergrowth. They haven't had much of a chance to grow back, so there is less rubbish this year. Hopefully this also means that the water treatment plant won't get clogged up again.

Onwards To Trozena


However, our main destination is not the Asprokremmos Dam. We want to visit the waterfall at Trozena, which is in the next valley along. So we took the next turning along the B6 - the route coaches go to park - and continued up the hill to the Diarizos Valley.

Trozena is at the other end of this valley, near Kidasi. To get there we drove up the road, past various villages we have covered in previous blogs. On the way we passed Mamonia. Now last year, the bridge between Mamonia and Archimandrita had been washed away. We wanted to see how the repair was faring, and I have to say they did a bang up job.


Mission accomplished.

Last Year


This was taken last year, from the opposite bank of the river.


So well done to the good people of Mamonia. Your hard work paid off. Incidently, if you do use this road to get from Mamonia to Archimandrita - and it is a good short-cut - take care further up the hill as they are always having erosion issues and after all this rain they may be more hazardous.

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