Paphos Life Road Trip #1

Published 19th of June, 2018

As summer approaches we thought we would put together some road trips suitable for all types of cars. No off-roading will be involved, and the emphasis will be on sight-seeing. Starting and ending in Paphos, this trip takes in over 10 villages, and covers a variety of landscapes, from Kathikas in the West to Panagia in the East.

Now, this is a big blog. In fact, it is the biggest blog we have ever done. Given that it is supposed to be a guide to a road trip, that will present you with a problem if you try to follow it. If you lose your internet connection, you will be left to your own devices.

With that in mind, I have decided to take the plunge and produce an ebook version. Yes, that's right. You can now buy this on Amazon. For the princely sum of a cheap pint (£2.50) you can have your own version of this blog in your hands. Or rather, the navigator's hands.

There is a link to the ebook at the bottom of the page. There is another one here:

Paphos Life Road Trip: The Book

The eBook is pretty much identical to the blog, and is 130 pages long, with one picture per page, so you won't have to squint.

While we are on the subject of links, I may as well post a couple to other parts of this blog. That way, you can stop for a break and easily get your place back later.

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The Map


For this journey, we shall be starting at the Mall. We shall drive towards Coral Bay, then make our way to Kathikas via Akoursos. We will then visit Kritou Terra before heading East to Simou, and eventually reach Pano Panagia, stopping at other places along the way. From Pano Panagia we will return via some abandoned villages, and then travel through wine country back to Polemi, and from there back to Paphos. You should allow a whole day for the journey, though you can break it up into multiple trips if you want to take your time, or if you want to get side-tracked and visit other villages along the way.

Please note, this is only one road trip. We have made more, and will be publishing them in due course. If your village has been skipped, it isn't because we don't like it. There's just only so many places you can visit in one go.

Incidentally, the map in the picture came from OpenStreetmap.Org. I added location and road titles.

We Begin At The Mall


We start at the Paphos Mall in Kato Paphos, because it is easy to find. You may notice a monorail on the other side of the road. That is actually the foundations of a walkway which is due to connect the Archaeological Park with Fabrica Hill, which is the empty bit of land opposite The Mall.

On another trip, it is worth exploring Fabrica Hill. There is an ancient theatre on the opposite side, some mosaics, and lots of places to explore. It also leads down to other points of interest, and is well worth a wander. That’s something for another day though.

For now, you need to head off along the Tomb of the Kings Road, towards Coral Bay and the Akamas.

Kissonerga Beach Bar


This beach bar is proving more and more popular. But today we drive past it.

Take The Akoursos Turning


We thought we would visit Akoursos first today. So you will need to turn right before you get to the Coral Bay roundabout.

Stormy Weather


As you wind your way up the slopes towards Akoursos, you will pass on your left a small cave. It is not worth stopping at, as it is used by goats as a shelter and has the odour to prove it. However, it does form one half of the Legend of Akoursos. This was covered in the following blog:

To summarise the legend, there was a battle between two kings. The good King of Akoursos defeated the aggressor, the King of Inia, but was shot in the back by one of the bad king’s archers. The good king was buried in the cave you will see above Akoursos in the cliff. The bad king was buried in the cave the goats now live in.

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