Published 19th of August, 2017

As promised at the end of our last blog about Skarfos Bridge, we now take a look at the village of Simou, nestled 16km oustide of Polis, and see what it has to offer.

Simou From Above


We had set off from Polemi cross country, and ended up in Drymou. So we were approaching Simou from above. You can view a map of Simou here, to work out where you will be coming from though.

A Typical Village Road


The road into Simou was pleasant enough. We visited in the middle of August.

Residential Area


Heading into the centre, we are now in a more residential area.

Friendly Greeters


The houses of Simou are certainly keen to welcome you. I am not sure why the fish is smiling though.

A Distant Church


Unsurprisingly, we soon spied a church in the distance. Just about every Cyprus village seems to have at least two. Note also, how clean the roads are. We found Simou to be very tidy.

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