Stroumpi Murals

Published 6th of June, 2018

If you drive along the B7 from Paphos to Polis, you will eventually hit Stroumpi. It is about midway between the two towns, and nestled on the Paphos Hills. If you look to your right as you ascend the hill, you will notice some lovely murals adorning the walls. In due course, I will write a blog on the whole of Stroumpi, but today, I just want to concentrate on these murals...

Start at the Bottom


When we used to holiday in Cyprus, before we moved here, we often stayed near Coral Bay. Consequently, when we visited Polis we would do so by the Peyia - Polis road. On the few times that we did happen to venture onto the B7 we would always marvel at the murals when we passed through Stroumpi. So they have been there a good few years now. This one is the first mural you see, as you approach Stroumpi from Paphos. It is looking a bit weathered, but you can still make out what I presume to be tulips growing in a field. Indeed, you can just about make out the words "Tulipa agenensis". This isn't Greek, it is the Latin name for the variety of tulip that is abundant in the fields around Stroumpi and Polemi, it's immediate neighbour.

Moving on Up


The next mural is somewhat more substantial, and informs us that it was created in 2009. I think the mural is based on the purple anemone.

Better Angle


Let's get a look at that straight on. Are there doves in that mural? I can see a fish and a boat as well.

Incidentally, there are plenty of laybys along the B7 at this point. So park your car and walk up and down to examine the murals. I didn't just take these shots by hanging out of my driver-side window!

Night and Day


I love the sun and the moon at either side of this mural. It looks like there are more doves, too.

More Sea


This mural again depicts the ocean, with a boat and numerous fish. There is also a vine here.

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