Polemi Tulip Report

Published 13th of March, 2022

Polemi is famous for many things, but high up on its list of attractions are the tulips with which it is closely associated. I don't know if the Tulip Festival is giong ahead this year, but I thought I should check out the Tulip field to see how that was progressing. I was in for a surprise...

Vineyard Reflections


The weather has been pretty terrible of late. I know it is good for the reservoirs, but they are nearly full now. I for one am ready for some hot sun. However, today (Saturday) it stopped raining, so I thought I would go and check on the Tulip Field. I took my camera with me, and as you can see, it was worth it.

Resilient Blossom


We had had a lot of rain and hail over the last couple of days, so I was pleased to see that some of the blossom at least had survived.

Lots of Water


One advantage of all the rain is that it provides a nice pool to get some reflection shots. I do like reflection shots.



These days, if I venture out of the house on foot, I invariably get joined by one or more of our cats. Indeed, when I take rubbish to the bins I always make a point of walking around the perimeter of the vineyard. The cats follow me and it is a nice diversion. Well, some of them follow me. What normally happens is that Tabby and possibly Patch follow me closely, whereas Minx and Mark run up the middle.

Late On Parade


In this instance though, Tabby was the last of the cats to arrive on the scene. I have no idea what he was up to but he came bounding up to the rest of us from somewhere.

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