The Polemi Tulip Festival

Published 4th of April, 2017

Last weekend, the tulip festival came to Polemi, and we were there with our camera to capture a snatch of Cypriot Life.

A Good Turnout


The first thing that surprised us was how many people had turned out for the event. Outside the Cultural Centre the Main Square was packed full of cars, when it is normally empty.

Free Food and Drink!


Lots of people were availing themselves of the free wine and sweets available.

Art and Crafts


Numerous stalls were selling local arts and crafts.

Decorated Gourds


I did like these decorated gourds. Religeous icons were readily available, which is not a surprise, having visited a fair number of shrines in the last few months.

More Food


As well as the free food and drink, you could also indulge in a variety of other nibbles, both inside and outside the centre.

But why was everybody here? To see the show of course...

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