Polemi in 500 Metres

Published 20th of February, 2021

Adventurous Kitten


Looking back down the road, I can see that one of our kittens has decided to follow me.

Here Come The Burbs


The vineyards and goat farm soon give way to houses. Now, being a country village, there are a lot of dogs and cats in those houses, not to mention chickens and ducks. I don't think it will be a very good place for my kitten to walk through, even if he does have an escort.

Kitty Bravado


I think Tabby feels the same way. You can see here that he has fluffed his fur up as much as possible, and he has a bottlebrush tale. I think it is time to head back home.



On the way we passed this man walking his dog. I say "we", but the cat had instantly disappeared on the arrival of the pooch.

Sensible Kitty


Here he is. He had nipped up a tree to get out of the way. I carried on walking back to the house, but turned right at the bins. Tabby, being a cat, was quite interested in the bins, and I left him sniffing around them while I walked up the road I had planned to return on.

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