Paphos Coast Path - Part 6 - Paphos Castle to Lighthouse Beach

Published 3rd of July, 2024

In Part 6 of our epic adventure along the Paphos Boardwalk, we travel from Paphos Harbour and the Castle to the Lighthouse Beach. How is the route shaping up since it re-opened last year? Let's find out...

Paphos Castle


After a brief interlude it is nice to get back into the saddle, so-to-speak. So let's pick up where we left off on our journey along the Boardwalk. This is the castle. Not long ago there was a stage to the left of it, and people celebrated Kataklysmos. Now things have returned to normal.

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Moving On


We are headed in this direction. The area next to the fence is fairly bare here. I am pointing this out for a reason...

Oh and if you'ld rather watch the film version, I will include a link. Don't worry, I repeat it at the end too.

See Paphos Coast Path - Part 6 on Youtube

Sign Of The Times


Before we get to that though, let's take a look at this information sign. You will see it at various points along the path.

Protected area of the Natura 2000 Network CY4000013 "Faros Kato Pafou"

The area of Faros Kato Paphos includes the area extending from the cape up to the north of the castle of Kato Paphos covering a total of 88 hectares.

The area was designated as a Special Conservation Area based on the Protection and Management of Nature and Wildfire Law of 2003 (153(1)/2003) and as a Special Protection Area based on the Protection and Management of Wild Birds and Game (152(1)/2003).

Shades of 2017


Along the path you will find numerous shaded rest areas. The flower you can see is a remnant of 2017, when Paphos was the EU Cultural Capital.

Fauna of the area

The area "Faros Kato Paphos" was designated as a Special Protection Area for the Great sand Plover (Charandrius leschenaultii), a migratory bird species that occurs in the area in significant numbers mainly in Autumn and Winter. For this species, the area is also characterised as important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA), and is restricted to hunting.

The area is also home to other species of fauna, which use the area for breeding and/or feeding. Such species are the hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus dorotheae), the hare (Lepus europaeus) and three species of bats. Various species of reptiles are also found, such as the black snake or thenko (Dolichophis jugularis), the Acanthodactylus lizard (Acanthodactylus schreiberi), Kurkiytas (Selklagama stellio cypriaca) and che thameleon (Chamaeleo chamaeleon).

Old And New


The Fauna of the Area

The area presents a significant variety of different habitat types and interesting plant species. The flora consists of 229 species and subspecies which could either be endangered or endemic of Cyprus.

In the coastal part there is the typical vegetation of Mediterranean sea cliffs, while in the northwestern part of the area the coastline is sandy and there is sparse vegetation.

Phrygana can be seen on the hill within the fenced space, and Euphorbia paralias, a species listed in the "Red Data Book of the Flora of Cyprus" is also an important record in the area of Faros Kato Pafou.

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