Paphos Coast Path - Part 6 - Paphos Castle to Lighthouse Beach

Published 3rd of July, 2024

Future Shade?


We've walked part way along the path now. You can see a tap on the left. These are located regularly along the course of the path, though there is no sign saying that the water is drinkable. Does anybody know for certain what the score is there, as somebody was asking on our forum?

Note also that there are small trees planted along the fence now too. Presumably these will grow to provide natural shade to walkers. They aren't present along the whole of the route, but do appear fairly frequently.

Spot The Photo Bomb


this was supposed to be a multi-functional shot showing a litter bin, a statue and a fisherman with his son. However, somebody else is in shot. Can you spot them?

A Shady Character


This little fellow was sensibly hiding in the shade next to the sign.

Starting Gate


As I approached the cape I couldn't help but notice what appeared to be a Starting Gate of Finish Line. This could make a bit of sense, as there is an outdoor gym here. But it still seemed like an odd place for such an object.

Art Attack


However, on closer inspection, and with the help of a handy sign, it turns out to be an Art Installation called "The Saw", by Cypriot Artist Rinos Stefani.

A bit of research revealed the following:

The Saw is a metal sculpture made in 2017 by Rinos Stefani in the sea front of Kato Paphos, Cyprus. In the same vein in 2019 Rinos Stefani created another sculpture using saws, titled St. George and the Dragon, in the archaeological site of Efta Ai-Giorkies area, Geroskipou.


The Saw is now standing at the coastal broadwalk, about 300m west of the Paphos Medieval Castle, just outside the Archaeological Park. Rinos Stefani made the sculpture for the Eco Art, a major project of the European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017. The saw is an image that often occurs in Stefani’s work as a metaphor of degradation of nature and society. Being in the heart of the touristic area The Saw questions the issue of unsustainable development. Standing in between an UNESCO Archaeological site and the Mediterranean Sea it examines our relationship with culture and environment. Therefore the specific sculpture appears as an anti-monument.

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