Paphos Harbour Walkway Update - May 20th

Published 21st of May, 2023

We keep getting asked for updates on the renovation of the coastal path that runs between Paphos Castle and the Lighthouse Beach. So yesterday we buzzed the drone along the route to see how things are progressing.

Castle View


There was a bit of rain in the air yesterday and the mood was overcast. Nevertheless, the harbour still looks lovely.

Lighthouse View


But we aren't here to see the harbour today, so let's get to work.

Still Fenced Off


The first thing to note is that the path is still 100% fenced off. Do not attempt to walk along it, or bypass the fence by going over the rocks. There is a fence there too.

Looking Good


Looking along the course of the track, it is seems pretty complete from up here. However, there are a few interesting features along the route that need closer inspection.

What Is This?


First off the bat, what is going on here? In the centre they appear to be constructing a small building. A kiosk perhaps? It is rather close to the harbour though, so perhaps it will serve another function. Meanwhile, to the right of that, is a weird cone with a flower shaped lamp in it. What's that all about? Finally, in the top left of the picture, it looks like they are making a raised walkway which will presumably lead to a viewing platform.

I should stress that all comments in this article are my own speculation without any official input. I could be completely off the mark.

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