Paphos Harbour Walkway Is Open!

Published 11th of September, 2023

It's finally open again! Yes you can now walk from Paphos Castle to the Lighthouse Beach along the coast path, and a lovely walk it is too. Come with us and take a look.

Harbour View


We shall start at the Harbour and head down to Lighthouse Beach from there. Up until now, the area between the castle and the Archaeological Park was fenced off while the coast path was being renovated.

New Build


Oh and if you were wondering what the blue seating is about, it has been there most of the summer, and is used when they have evening cultural events.

The Route Awaits


But this is the big scoop. There is now an official gap in the fence allowing people to walk the walk.

Work In Progress


They are still finishing off bits of it, like the area near the castle. However, the walkway itself is open for business.

Old Relic


Looks like they found an old part of the wall during their excavations. We will see more of the wall later.

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