Paphos Coast Path - Part 5 - Sea Front and Harbour

Published 27th of June, 2024

We've reached the Sea Front now, so we are going to have a walk along it to the Harbour and Castle. It is about an hour's walk from here to Geroskipou Beach, and if you are thinking of going there and back I would advise setting off early to avoid the heat. Having said that, there are plenty of places along the way where you can stop for a shady rest, and a number of cafes to provide you with refreshments. But out journey is not yet over. Once we have reached the castle, our adventure shall continue towards Coral Bay...

Popular Plunge


At the top end of the Sea Front there is a tiny beach, though most people seem to prefer swimming off the jetty by the restaurant. It is also a very good area for snorkelling when the sea is calm.

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A Brief Diversion


Before we walk down the Sea Front I thought I would show you the view inland. The building work has progressed nicely, and the Hotel or Apartments are taking shape.

Blue Flag Beach


This is the direction we came from in the last episode. The pattern in the stone looks a lot better from above. You can see then it is supposed to represent a row of waves.

Green Living Wall


Walking down the Strip now, there is a nice Green Living Wall by Chloe's Chinese Restaurant.

Early Morning Walk


This view looks a bit different to my Kataklysmos pictures recently posted. I actually took these over a week ago, before leaving for Protaras for my annual beano. It was fairly early in the morning so there weren't many people about.

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