Paphos Harbour Walkway Maintenance

Published 12th of December, 2022

Recently the Mayor Of Paphos announced numerous contracts for improving the sea front and harbour area. The contracts were not only for the introduction of new facilities though. Some of the money was allocated for maintenance and upkeep of the existing facilities. It looks like this maintenance is already underway, because the area between the castle and the walkway to Lighthouse Beach has been closed for maintenance. I flew the drone up to have a closer look...

To The Castle


I like flying the drone around the harbour, though you do have to keep an eye out for seagulls.

Men At Work


Anyway, I wasn't really here for sightseeing, so let's go and talk a look at the work that is going on. The road to the castle is on the right, and the walkway to lighthouse beach runs across the picture. You can see where they have put hoardings up to close the path.

Severe Maintenance


There used to be a circular raised platform at the top of this picture, and what reminded me of a portion of an outdoor theatre towards the front of the frame. I don't know if they are repairing or completely replacing them.

The Lady Of The Harbour


There is a statue here by the Paphos Artist Yiota Ioannidou. The lady is supposed to be looking towards Aphrodite's Rock, if memory serves me correctly. But I think she is looking at the new tower block and wondering how long she will have to keep at this gig before being able to afford an apartment there.

Castle View


Anyway, you can see from the pictures already that they have started the maintenance. I have no idea how long the walkway will be closed. It must be quite annoying for the regular users of the route, but hopefully it won't take too long.

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