Paphos Harbour Walkway

Published 4th of March, 2024

They re-opened the Paphos Harbour Walkway some time ago, and we covered it at the time. However, they have continued work on the landscaping so we thought it about time we revisited the walk and had another BLT. Join us on a sunny Sunday stroll...

Paphos Castle


We begin our adventure at the castle, which is actually a fort. The weather is very conducive to a nice brisk walk; the sky is blue, the sea is very calm, and the sun provides just enough warmth without being uncomfortable.

Modern Aphrodite


The statue of Aphrodite here is gazing towards her birthplace, the distant Petra Tou Romiou.

Morning Walkers


There are a few people about having a morning stroll. I like the atmosphere down at the Sea Front in the early morning. There are lots of joggers about and there is an optimistic mood in the air.

On With The Show


Anyway, in this direction there is a BLT waiting for us. It is about 20 minutes away, give or take, so let's get started.

Spring Mood


The first thing to note is how colourful the walkway is now. The path area is very beautiful in Springtime. It is predominantly yellow at the moment, but later in the season a greater variety of hues will appear. I remember a Spring walk through the Archaeological Park where I was surrounded by reds, whites and purples. Utterly enchanting.

They have also finished the structure they were building to the left of the path. It looks like it is a raised platform creating a viewpoint.

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