Akamas Sunshine

Published 22nd of April, 2019

Distant Troodos


The distant mountains are still snow-capped, thanks to recent inclement weather.

Injured Lizard


We spotted this little fellow on our travels. It looked a bit odd at the time, and the photo confirms that it appears to have been in a fight. It has lost most of it's tail and its left foot.


As well as the glorious scenery, there were also some pretty spring flowers bobbing about in the wind...

They Look Fake!


I was fascinated by the fragile petals of these flowers. They looked like they were made out of paper. And the blue stamens provide a lovely contrast. These are, I believe, Rough Poppies (Papaver hybridum). According to my internet search, they are quite rare. So there you go. A poppy with shabby chic.

Gorgeous Gorse


It wasn't all rare though. The humble gorse was also in full bloom and looking stunning.

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