Green Monday Fun

Published 19th of February, 2018

Last year our attempts at flying a kite on Green Day ended in failure. We wound up using it as a football. So this year we were determined to have more success.

The Venue


We set off for the top of The Akamas. We figured it is normally fairly breezy up there, so this seemed our best bet for some wind. We weren't disappointed, and when we arrived a fairly decent wind was blowing.

It Flies!


We had immediate success! We bought this kite from Paul and Natalie's supermarket in the centre of Polemi. Natalie had promised us it would fly and she was good to her word.

Interesting Rock Outcrop


I will have to investigate that rock, but all in good time.

Still Flying!


We took a fair amount of pictures of our kite. After last year's failure we needed a pick-me-up. To make a picture of a kite a bit more interesting though, I went down the hill a bit and lay in the grass. This is the lengths I go to get an action shot.

Some Flowers


We took turns flying the kite. When it was my turn, my wife had the camera. This is what happens when my wife has the camera.

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