The Far Side of the Akamas

Published 24th of March, 2017

Last October when I had the weekend to myself, I resolved to do a geocache that had eluded me up until now, due to it's remoteness. Given that people were interested in the Akamas Church blog I posted a while back, I thought I would turn the photos I took into another blog...

The View From Base Camp


Often when walking in the Akamas, you would start at Aphrodite's Baths, or Smithies Picnic Area. However, given the remoteness of my final destination, I thought it best to drive as far as possible first. So I took the VERY bumpy coastal route past the Blue Lagoon, and pulled up there. This was the view back to Polis.

I wouldn't recommend you driving this far though, unless you have a 4x4. Other things to bear in mind; make sure you bring plenty of water, a sun hat, and sun cream. During the summer months you get through water very quickly, so use it wisely. If you go out with six water bottles, and empty three of them, then you need to turn round!

Rough Road


In truth, I could have driven further. The road is now very bumpy with incredibly jagged rocks though, and I fancied a walk, so was happy to progress on foot.

Distant Lighthouse


Notwithstanding the bumpiness, the going is reasonable.

Towards the Sea


Once I reached my destination, I intended coming back by hugging the coast. For now I was content to photograph it.

A Lone Fisherman


I was surprised to see that somebody had actually driven this far, presumably to do a spot of fishing. There were some very interesting rock formations close to that car, which we will see later.

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