Paphos Catacombs

Published 7th of November, 2018

We've been out and about photographing some more parts of Paphos Old Town for our newly launched website. We took some pictures of some of the catacombs, which proved popular when we previewed one on Facebook. So we went back to photograph some more, with surprising results...

The First Catacombs


When we first took our photographs, we didn't know that people called these ruins catacombs. So if they aren't catacombs, please do correct us. This is the first set we saw, though we did cover the others in another blog on Old Paphos, over a year ago. The catacombs are underneath this shelter. Behind the shelter there is a cafe called "Let Them Eat Cake." And behind us, there is a bandstand that isn't a bandstand, on the edge of the Square near the town hall. Alternatively, if you want to find our location, look on the map in the links below.

Water Feature


This is the non-bandstand. You can also see that there is a maintenance man nearby, tending to the water. This is a good thing as there was the faintest of whiffs in the air. I mention this man because I bumped into him while I was walking around with my 360 camera. The camera looks a bit odd if you haven't seen one, and he asked me what it was. Well, I presume that's what he asked me, as he spoke to me in Greek, which was not unreasonable. Unfortunately, as my Greek is currently at the "The grass is green" and "The big building is white" stage, our conversation consisted mainly of a series of sheepish grins.

There was a bit of a debate on our Facebook Chat Group recently about learning Greek, and we've been getting some tough love from a local Cypriot. He has a point, and if you venture out carrying a funny looking camera, you will soon see that a lot of Cypriots don't actually speak English. So hopefully the tough love will inspire my Greek to improve. But don't worry if you are struggling yourself, I feel your pain.

The Tombs


Anyway, this was a picture I took with my regular camera. I am sure this is no different from countless other photos taken by other people. The pink balloon is a bit of a novelty, but there isn't anything special about the shot.

Tomb Close Up


Now however, we are getting more unique. This is a 360 shot I took. Well, it is a screenshot of one anyway. The real one lets you rotate the picture. What is clever about it though, is that I was standing in the same place that I stood to take the previous shot. The 360 camera was on a long pole, and is clever enough to work out which way is up. It automatically orientates the picture so that it looks like I am standing in the catacomb.

The Park


I am not going to include a whole host of screen shots of the 360 pictures. It won't be long until they are incorporated into so you will be able to see them properly soon. However, I thought it would be a good idea to get some shots of the other catacombs too. These are up near the town hall and police station. On the way, let's have a quick look at the park.

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