The Ancient Sugar Factory At Kouklia

Published 26th of December, 2016

We first found these ruins when we were out geocaching. Typically understated, they present an interesting diversion if you tire of the nearby Sanctuary of Aphrodite.

Meet the Sugar Factory!


Now, you would be forgiven for not knowing that this was an ancient sugar factory. There are no signs, even in Greek, to say what the ruins are. Fortunately, the person who placed the geocache here though, also provided the following link: Read the full story.

That link tells you all you need to know about the place. I have reproduced the floorplan from it below. Any text that appears here in quotes will have come directly from that article. I have asked for permission to use it, but I don't even know if the author is still active.

UPDATE: 27/03/2017. Heard back from the article's author. Credit for the plans should go to Dr. Marie-Louise von Wartburg of the University of Zurich.

Sugar Factory Floorplan


"Built toward the end of the 13th century, this facility was likely owned by the royal house of the Franc Lusignan dynasty, which ruled Cyprus from 1191 – 1489. The milling and refining facility continued to be used through the Venetian period, around 1571, although the complex was remodeled and reconstructed several times throughout its use during this time."

Seriously, if you are at all interested, read the article I linked to above as it will tell you everything.

A Mysterious Room


Unfortunately, the floorplan didn't have anything to say about the room above, so moving on...

The Store Rooms in the Distance


You can stick to the walkway or you can go for a wander. It is lovely being able to explore such extensive sites without being restricted.

Towards The Workshop And Water Mill


I am standing in the animal driven mill.

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