Paphos Walkway Is Open!

Published 3rd of July, 2022

After several years waiting the Walkway that links Paphos Archaeological Park with Fabrica Hill has finally opened to the public. We went up for an early morning stroll, to let you know what to expect.

At Last!


Last night the Mayor of Paphos - Phedon Phedonos - published some pictures of how the new walkway looks at night. It is really beautiful, and nicely illuminated. His report also stated that the bridge was now open to the public, so this morning I took my cameras and drone down to have a look.

Handy Parking


The bridge links Fabrica Hill with the Archaeological Park. I should state that it ends outside of the park, so you don't have to pay park admission if you only want to use the bridge. Also, if you leave the park to access the bridge, I presume you will have to return to the main entrance if you want to go back in again. I mention this because you can cross the bridge from two locations. I chose the Fabrica Hill end to begin my journey, and with that in mind I parked in the small carpark next to it. From here you get a view of the walkway and the Mall in the distance. If you park here you need to ascend the small hill to the left of this shot.

Ignore The Sign


Once I ascended the hill, it was a short stroll to the start of the walkway. There is a KEEP OUT sign at the top, but I ignored it, presuming it had been left there by mistake. The Mayor had said it was open, and that's good enough for me.

And if you don't mind a quick spoiler, when I got to the other end there were no such signs. So you can definitely ignore this one.

Shall We Go?


So, let us finally take a stroll along the walkway...

Drone Views


Once I had done the walk I buzzed the drone around for a bit. So you will see the odd drone picture in amongst the regular shots I took. There will also be a film, but I need to process that first.

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