Akamas Geology and Paleontology Center

Published 12th of February, 2023

For years we have enjoyed exploring the countryside of Paphos, and especially rummaging through rocks looking for interesting fossils and crystals. I was delighted therefore to discover that the Akamas has its very own Geology and Paleontology Center, on the outskirts of Pano Arodes. Let me show you around...

View From The Road


I discovered the Center (and I shall keep spelling it that way, because that is how they spell it) by chance, a few days ago. I was doing the map that accompanied our recent film - Pano Arodes to Latchi - and I noticed that there was a label for the center, in Pano Arodes.

At the end of the article I shall include a map of Paphos so you can see where the museum is in relation to Paphos, Peyia and Polis.

Enter Here


There are plenty of parking spaces available, but don't come at the weekend. The center is only open on weekdays, between 10AM and 4PM.

The Entrance


When we entered we were greeted by a lady who switched the lights on for us. We were the only visitors at the time. You can see from this shot how new everything is. I don't know when it opened, but their Facebook Page was created as recently as June 2022. Also, their website is still "under construction".

Museum Map


The first thing we saw inside was a map of the museum. You don't really need it, though I guess it is handy to know where the loos are. All the fun stuff is in the coloured areas, so let's go and take a look.

Rocky Delights


I've seen crystals like this in the hills around Polemi. If you want to see some of our previous articles on them, have a look at the list of blogs at the foot of the page. I had always assumed that this was gypsum, however, the label identified it as Selenite. Fortunately, a quick google revealed that Selenite is just an alternate name for a particular type of Gypsum, which comes in many forms.

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