Published 13th of March, 2017

Dust has been in the news recently. Dust warnings were all over the media last week, only to be scotched a day or two later by official sources. It turns out that the source of the original alert was one website. So, did they get it wrong or do the official sources need to change their seaweed?

A few weeks ago I drove to the top of the AlphaMega Supermarket Car Park, in order to take some pictures. I thought I could do a blog article featuring aerial views of Paphos. Turns out I was wrong. Taken together, they soon got rather boring. Nevertheless, I kept the pictures, thinking they might come in useful. Fast forward now to last Friday, and I am driving to pick our daughter up from school. I notice that the possibly-predicted dust did indeed appear to be dampening the daylight. As I was driving past it anyway, I pulled into the car park again to take some more pictures...

The Hospital


This was one of my better original shots. It shows the hospital in all it's glory and the abandonded cinema complex. You can even see one of the new Gates to Paphos, which I really must revisit, now that they are all finished.

The Hospital Last Friday


In this shot, you can barely see the mountains, and the hospital itself is a bit hazy.

Side By Side


Clearly there was a lot of dust about in the direction of the hospital.

Sunny Cityscape


From the opposite side of the carpark I took this, looking out towards the sea. The sprawling metropolis that is Paphos unfolds beneath us...

Dusty Cityscape


Now if this was London or Tokyo, we would just assume that this is pollution from vehicle exhausts. But no, this is all a mixture of dust and sand.

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