Troodos Winter Wonderland

Published 26th of December, 2016

NB: this blog was published in Winter, 2016.

The Web Cam is great for seeing if it is snowing in the Troodos. A couple of weeks ago there was a light sprinkling so we took a visit. Two days ago, however, and it was a complete blanket of white. So we packed our sledges and set off back to the mountains.

Storms in the Distance


We took the motorway to Limassol and headed up to the Troodos from there. We could see storm clouds in the distance...

First Signs of Snow


We were worried that the rain would melt the snow, but are fears were soon averted.

Pick Your Vehicle With Care


A few minutes later and the snow was coming thick and fast. For rougher conditions, we always take our trusty 4x4. Most of the 2 wheel drive cars we saw had to stop and turn back. We did see some 2x drives at the slopes, but they had chains on their wheels.

Arriving at the Village


By the time we reached the village of Troodos, below the ski slope, the road was pretty treacherous. This is a screen grab from our goPro, so you will have to forgive the quality as there was a lot of snow on the windscreen.

Huge Icicles


The hotel was covered in impressive icicles. I wouldn't want to be underneath one if it broke off though.

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