From Ineia To Lara Bay

Published 7th of October, 2021

Lara Bay has a special place in a lot of people's hearts. The combination of a natural beach and the possibility of seeing hatchling turtles scuttle down to the sea make a visit a memorable occasion. The easiest way to get to Lara Bay is from Ineia. We recently filmed this journey and stopped along the way to fly the drone. You can now see for yourselves how beautiful the journey is...

Start Here


Currently, they are improving the road from Ineia to Lara Bay, so there is a diversion in place at the start. From Kato Arodes, drive through Ineia, and carry on until you come to these signs.

This Way


There are assorted plans to turn the Akamas into a National Park, with an entrance fee and restricted access. The last proposal that was in the press talked of allowing only bicycles, buggies and a shuttle service. This would be a terrible, terrible idea if put into action. Not many people are going to want to cycle in the Akamas. It is too hot, and very hilly. Most of the accidents occur on buggies, and they are far more likely to damage the environment than a car. That leaves a shuttle service. So you will be able to enjoy the remoteness of the Akamas in the company of a busload of strangers. That kind of loses the appeal, unless all you want to do is visit Lara Bay.

I hope those plans aren't put into place, as that would be awful. Cape Greko near Ayia Napa is handled in a much better fashion. A couple of decent roads, and the rest is left to nature.

The Diversion


Anyway, you will soon find out why you couldn't go the old route from Ineia to Lara Bay. This is it.

Serious Road Works


When our Youtube channel got 1000 subscribers, we asked people what they would like us to film, as a way of saying Thank You to the subscribers. The most popular request was Lara Bay. So we decided to make a number of films showing the various routes available. Specifically, we get to Lara Bay from Ineia, and from there go to Last Castle, near Peyia. Along the way we shall also record drone footage and a virtual tour, providing lots of fun for everyone.

That's the idea anyway. First, I drove the routes on my own, and filmed that. A week later we returned with the drone and my regular camera. What you are seeing here are pictures taken on the second visit. The film at the end of this article was made from both sets of footage. I mention this because if you look carefully on the driving film, you will see that this road is still intact. They have obviously been very busy here.

Beautiful Akamas


I would hate not being able to drive through the Akamas on my own and experience scenery like this.

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