From Ineia to lara Bay by Car and Drone

Lots of people have requested we do a film of the journey to Lara Bay. Now, there are several ways to get there, so we decided to pick two. In the first film, we drive down from Ineia to Lara Bay. We stop along the way to take some drone footage. This film has clips of the drive and drone footage. We will also release a film of just the drive itself, in the usual format. Once we have done that, we will do a film of some drone footage of Lara Bay itself, followed by the drive from Lara Bay to Last Castle, by Avakas Gorge. We will also throw in an article or two and a virtual tour!

First then, is the Ineia drive complete with drone footage. You will notice that we had to start past Ineia, because they are improving the Lara Road at the moment.

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Route Map

Area Map

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