Lara Bay

Published 30th of July, 2018

Lara Bay is a bit of an enigma. If you approach from the direction of Paphos and Coral Bay, on the main road, you may well end at the beach by Lara Bay Restaurant. Confusingly, this is not Lara Bay. So go back to the main track, and continue into the Akamas for a little while longer. The turtles await...

The Real Lara Bay


Unless you are in a 4x4 you probably won't see Lara Bay from this point. We got here by driving to the main car parking point and continuing down the bumpy track to the left. You definitely want to avoid the area in winter time, unless you are on foot, as the tracks can be a complete mud bath.

Car Parking Area


So let's behave ourselves and go back to the main car parking area. As you can see, you don't need a 4x4 to reach Lara Bay, though many people may prefer to travel in one. Also, make sure your doors are locked and don't leave any valuables in the car. This is not an idle warning. The other day, we had nearly €1600 of camera equipment pinched from a car we thought was fully locked (it turned out one of the doors didn't lock properly), and we were parked in a supermarket carpark in the centre of Paphos!

The Way To The Beach


Anyway, this is the main track down to the beach. The sand gets VERY hot, so don't try it barefoot in the summer. There is another track, and parking place, further down the bay, which is by an Information Point, but most people seemed to prefer this route.



While we visited, we did see a couple of umbrellas, and a dog. But most people were adhering to the rules, which was nice to see.

Back To The Viewpoint


Before we descend to the beach, let's go back to that viewpoint we started from, and get a few more pictures...

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