Ammati Cave

Published 10th of September, 2021

Ammati Cave, and the little gorge it resides in, lie a stone's throw from Kallepeia. I have admired the area from afar for a number of years, but had yet to explore it. A friend tipped me off about the cave, so I decided to investigate...

Where Is It?


I don't normally start a blog off with a map, but the area is hard to find without it. If you drive into Kallepeia and past the main church, you should then take a right, and keep going that way. There are intermittent signs to the cave. They appear only at junctions where you need to divert from the bigger track. If you get to a junction and there is no sign, stay on the main track.

Park Here


If you head for the right location, you will probably drive past the cave by mistake. You will soon come to a green sign which contains a message in Greek. The sign says that if you hurt yourself on the walk the Municipality of Kallepeia will not be held responsible. So do this walk at your own risk.

Anyway, if you turn around as soon as you can and head back, you will soon arrive here. Park up on the slope.

Follow The Track Down


You can see where I parked. The track you need to take is the one in the forefront. Before you attempt the track, make sure you have decent footwear, and make sure you aren't carrying too much. The path ahead is fairly narrow and you may choose to hug the cliff as you walk it. I certainly did, as heights are not really my thing. I have to say though, that I have got better with them over the years...

Into The Valley


The path initially is fairly painless.

Safety Rope


Along the route there are these ropes. They don't exactly protect you from a fall, but are handy to hang on to on occasion.

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