Paphos Harbour Update - The Boxes Are Going!

Published 16th of July, 2023

This morning I set off early to Paphos Harbour and the Seafront, with a view to filming it before the summer heat got too unbearable. When I arrived, I couldn't believe the sight that greeted my eyes. The carbunkles are being removed! Find out what is new too, in our latest update on Kato Paphos.

Men At Work


Cyprus is in the middle of a heat wave at the moment, so an early start was essential for me. Even so, when I arrived, on a Sunday morning at just after 7AM, there were men hard at work on the Walkway Upgrade.

Castle View


First thing in the morning the sea was very calm, though I noted it was a bit rougher by the time I finished filming. Had I been able to get a bit more to the right I could have taken a perfect reflection shot of the castle, but this will have to do. It is in fact a still of the film I recorded, as are most of the pictures in this article. It was too hot to lug around too much equipment so we shall have to make do with the GoPro. Besides, I want to get this article out as quickly as possible.



The new Ice Cream Parlour is looking good.

The Harbour From Above


But what is this? The three monstrous carbunkles that have blighted the harbour for ages appear to be somewhat naked.

Walls Come Tumbling Down


Yes, something is definitely happening here, today.

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