Paphos Seafront And Harbour Update

Published 20th of March, 2023

In our latest update on the ongoing work at the harbour and Paphos Sea Front, we say hello to the famous pelican and investigate an ancient bridge. Work is continuing apace, and the Harbour Restaurants are re-opening. Will they be ready in time for Easter?

Moody Skies


The recent stormy weather has presented us with some moody skies, but fortunately the rain had abated when I arrived at the harbour. The coast path to Lighthouse Beach is still closed though, and all reports indicate that it will stay that way for some time yet.

New Work


Attention has moved to the building nearest the castle now. There was some extreme work happening here. Further along the building (behind the dark brown door) was the latest location for the public loos.

Towards The Harbour


I did this walk yesterday, before the Sunday Lunch Crowd had descended.

Things Are Looking Up


The harbour is already looking a lot nicer. They haven't finished yet, but you can already get a glimpse of what it will be like.

Very Nice


I mean, what's not to like? Ok the car shouldn't be there but I am sure that that won't be a permanent fixture.

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