Paphos Seafront - What A Mess!

Published 3rd of March, 2023

It's all gone a bit critical down at Paphos Seafront. The shopfronts have had a lot of their frontages removed and it is currently in a bit of a pickle. What are the long term plans? Who knows, in this article we just want to survey the scene.

Paphos Castle


We begin our adventure at the fort that is Paphos Castle.Regular readers will no doubt be impressed with how much the tide has come in since the last picture we took here.

Renovations March On


Before we march on to the Sea Front, I thought I would give you a sneaky peak at how the Coast Path Renovations are coming along. There is now definitely no access to the LIghthouse Beach from this end. If you look carefully you can see the fence they have installed to stop people from sneaking behind them.

Through The Harbour


Walking through the Harbour now. Original stonework is now becoming very much more of a thing.



This makes these boxes look evne more out of place then. Fair play to them though, they are solidly constructed. I stood in one hoping to find a nice artistic viewpoint. Unfortunately, a truck parked right in front of me, so that plan was curtailed. While I was there though, I noticed for the first time that the metal frame rested on a solid concrete base. These things are definitely not portable.

Work Continues


They are still busy beavering away at The Harbour.

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