Kato Paphos Part 9 - Fabrica Hill

Published 13th of December, 2021

In the final installment of our tour of Kato Paphos, we take a look at Fabrica Hill and the surrounding ruins. We end at a viewpoint, watching the sun set over the Archaeological Park.

Fabrica Hill


It wasn't long before the sun was due to be setting when I started this blog. There is a viewing platform at the top of Fabrica Hill, and I thought it would be nice to finish there as the sun sets. I hadn't been up there for a couple of years though, so thought it best to check it out first. I parked my car in the little carpark at the Paphos-side of Fabrica Hill, and set off. You can see the infamous "monorail" here too, on the right.

If you missed the previous episode, see here:

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Never-Ending Ruins


Paphos, like all old cities, is built on top of itself. You can see that at the Archaeological Park, and numerous other places around the city. You can see it here, too, at Fabrica Hill. However, the ruins are in a rawer form.

Walkway and Mall


The "monorail" now looks more like a walkway than a monorail. It is designed to provide a pedestrian route from the Archaeological Park to Fabrica Hill. It started to appear in 2017, but the company making it went bankrupt. So for a couple of years it stood idle and unfinished. Recently though, work on it has started again...

Walkway Summit


Presumably when it is finished you will be able to walk above the ruins we saw to get a better look of them.

More Ruins


You can see what I mean by rawer ruins now. They are all over Fabrica Hill but yet to be properly excavated. I guess until you have the funds to do the job properly it is best to leave them alone.

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