Kato Paphos Part 1

Published 7th of November, 2021

Over the years we've written several series of articles about Old Paphos. We've also covered Kato Paphos, but not to the same extent. We've decided to rectify that so over the next few weeks we will be exploring downtown and reporting what we find. We start at the end of the harbour...

Red Light Area


We're starting here because it is a bit of a stub. I try to do these multi-part articles as a series of walks, and while most of them can start at the Archaeological Park Car Park, it leaves this area behind it. So I am doing this first. I actually visited here not that long ago, in August. But they have done a fair bit of roadworks since then, so for the sake of completeness we will cover this area again.

Back In The Day


Kato Paphos has changed significantly in the last 50 years. During this article we will be showing some old shots that people have posted to our Paphos Chat Facebook Group. You can see for yourself how different it looks now. This was taken in 1941. You can see the lighthouse in the bottom left. The Archaeological Park is waiting to be excavated, and of the sea front itself does not yet exist.

Distant Sea Front


This has all sprung up since the Seventies.

Fifties VIew


This is an interesting picture. Not only was Kato Paphos non-existent, but some of the boats in the harbour were past their prime too. If you look you will notice that at least two of them have almost sunk.



In this picture you can see a couple of jetties. These are still here, as you shall see.

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