Kato Paphos Part 2 - The Sea Front

Published 10th of November, 2021

In Part 2 of our in-depth look at Kato Paphos, we take in the Autumn sun and walk along the sea front...

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside


We're having a bit of an Indian Summer in Paphos at the moment. The Reservoir Water-Level's loss is the Icecream Seller's gain. It is the perfect weather for a spot of people watching.

If you missed Part 1 of this article, use the link below:

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Artistic Caricature


There are a number of stalls along the seafront, with a variety of wares. Presumably this chap will draw you your own picture, rather than sell you an old sketch of Mr Bean.

Bob's Brother


We featured a sponge seller in the first part of this series. I've just checked, and this is a different seller. So the Paphos Harbour Sponge Market must be fiercely competitive.

Spongy Closeup


I wonder where they grow? I haven't seen any while I have been out snorkelling. Mind you if I did see one I might not notice it. I am too busy keeping an eye out for sharks and jelly fish.

The First Of Many


Along the sea front are a variety of stores. There are lots of bars and restaurants, but you will also find other places, like opticians, leather shops and jewellers. Like in most cities, you will pay a premium for eating in these places. Food here is a bit more expensive than the village taverns, for instance. Even so, they are fairly reasonable compared to typical European cities.

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