Kato Paphos Part 8

Published 9th of December, 2021

We are on the penultimate leg of our tour of Kato Paphos, and in this section we take a look at the bar and restaurant area behind Agia Kyriaki.

Behind The Church


If you recall, this is where we left you at the end of Part 6. In Part 7 we had a quick look at the coast, for a bit of a change, but now I want to cover the remaining area behind the sea front. We shall cover the retail outlets in this article, and in the final blog of the series we shall concentrate on the area around Fabrica Hill.

If you missed the previous episode, see here:

Go To Part 7

Another Church


As we leave behind one church was can see another in the near distance. There is a crossroads before that though.

Towards Part 5


If we turn right we arrive at the area covered in Part 5. You can see the rear view of that unusual house we featured. We aren't going there today though.

Buzz Pub


If you are a fan of Celtic then apparently this is THE place to be in Paphos. It looks fairly nondescript from the outside, but has received very good reviews on social media, especially if you like your football. You pass it on your way to the church. There is an Italian Restaurant next to it, but we will be finishing this leg of the series there, so we will show you that later.

Church of Panagia Theoskepasti


This is an impressive church which was unfortunately locked while we were passing through. However, I looked online, and could see that inside the decor is functional rather than ornate. So you won't miss much if you are just passing through.

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