Return To Lara Bay

Published 10th of October, 2021

No Umbrellas!


I want to emphasise the No Umbrellas bit, because a Tourism Website we saw actually encourages people to bring their own as there aren't any at the bay. There is a reason there aren't any at the bay - they aren't allowed.

Interesting Sandcastles


I'm not sure what the official stance on sandcastles is, but I would imagine they would frown on anything too deep.

Golden Sands


As to the beach itself, you will be hard-pressed to find a finer one in Cyprus, and especially not on the west of the island. If you like your home comforts though, this is not for you.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours


And if you do come for a swim, remember that you will be sharing the beach with the real stars of the show.



The official reason for the cages - both metal and improvised - that they place over the turtle nests, is to deter foxes. Unofficially, I think they alert humans where not to plonk their towels.

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