The Polemi Countryside

Published 9th of October, 2019

Combine Harvester In The Mist


Not all of the fields in this spot are wild. A farmer had made it down the track and doing something in one of the fields. As you get closer to Polemi, the land gets more cultivated.

While this scene is beautiful, the area is not without its problems. Fly tipping occurs out in the countryside around here, and quite frankly, it is a dangerous disgrace. I know all the Green Points are towards more coastal areas, but that is still no reason why you should go out into the countryside and dump your old sofa or building materials. Take it to a Green Point! Load up your car when you need to go to Paphos or Polis anyway, and just dump it on the way. The green points will be happy to see you. The countryside won't be.

Full list of Green Points in Paphos

Valley Bottom


I've followed the goat trail to the bottom. It was a bit of a clamber at times, but if the goats can do it so can I.

The Famous Gorge of Polemi


This is the gorge itself. Again, it is no Avakas beater, and it is very overgrown. So I won't be going down there any time soon.



I had a nice surprise here. There were lots of blackberries growing wild. They weren't quite ripe though, so I left these for another day.

The Path Back


I clambered down, so I clambered back up again.

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