Old Town Paphos From Above

Published 16th of November, 2023

After our recent series on Old Town came to a close I thought it would be nice to take an alternate view of the area from above. We will be able to see the changes from a different perspective. I have also taken the opportunity to summarise the various Old Town films we have produced, so you can now find them all in one place.

October 28 Square And The Old Police Station


We shall start with an image overlooking October 28 Square and the old Police Station to its right. I once went in there, after our car had been broken into several years ago. I thought at the time it was a fire hazard waiting to go up in flames, as it seemed to be mainly made of wood. I can understand why they moved the police out of it! I belive the facade has to remain when they convert the building into its next incarnation, whatever that may be.

Kennedy Square


This image shows Kennedy Square, and the courtyard behind it which runs alongside the Kiniras Traditional Hotel. If you stood in the courtyard you would have no idea that you were metres away from the bustle of the main square in Old Town. Drone shots like these let you appreciate just how close everything is together. You can even see the advertising mural for Chernobyl Bar at the top of the picture.

Central Church


Here you can see they are renovating the roof of the central church. To the left is the new child's playground which used to be covered in murals. I do like murals but I think the playground is really nice.

Waveform Mural


And speaking of murals, this one is definitely best viewed from a drone. It is called Waveform.

Pumpkin House Square


The yellow building in this shot houses the delightful Pumpkin House. In the top left you can just see the new bus station.

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