Paphos Old Town In 2023 - Part 5

Published 19th of October, 2023

In part 5 of our tour of Paphos Old Town, we start at the front car park and head back to Kennedy Square through the more industrial part of the area.

The Old Old Town Bus Station


This is the car park next to the Old Old Town Bus Station. Ahead of you is the elevator which takes you up to the main viewpoint, and Caffe Nero. There are some toilets here, which you can just make out towards the bottom right of the picture. Always good to know where the loos are.

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How To Park


These days, you need to pay for parking in the majority of Paphos. A notable exception is the harbour area. The good news is that it is dirt cheap. The bad news is you need a phone. Personally I use the phone app. It has a lot of functionality I will never use, but it also lets me pay for my parking, so that's good enough for me. Actually I am curious. Does anybody actually use it to find a free parking space? I just look around until I see one. I guess when it is crowded it will show you where not to go.

View From The Top


Taking the elevator brings you up to the main viewpoint. So take a look around. You can just see the lighthouse in the Archaeological Park from here.

Selfie Platform


There is even a little walkway which most people seem to use for taking selfies on.

Caffe Nero


In the previous chapter we finished at an artisan coffee house across the road from here. If you prefer a more corporate cup of coffee, then the Caffe Nero here will be right up your street.

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