Paphos Old Town in 2023 - Part 2

Published 1st of October, 2023

In the second part of our tour of the Old Town in 2023, we start at the viewpoint overlooking the bus station, and make our way up to Ibrahim's Khan, exploring the alleys as we go. From there we head back towards the mosque.

Elevator Action


We begin part 2 of our walking tour at the Elevator that takes you down to one of Old Town's car parks. I took this picture to prove that it was actually working.

If you missed the first part of the article, use the following link:

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Lighthouse View


You get a great view of Kato Paphos from up here. That's the lighthouse in the Archaeological Park in the distance.

This Way


From here we are walking East, towards the main road.

Ottoman Baths


As you walk along the path above the car park, you will no doubt notice this rather odd looking building. It is in fact an old Ottoman Bath. Normally locked up, you can probably gain access if you join one of the walking tours the Tourist Board runs. They don't happen all year round, but when they do, they are every thursday. In a short while we shall be walking by the tourist board. If you go there they will have more information on these tours.

I actually went in them once when somebody had forgotten to lock the door. There isn't a lot to see so if you cannot get on a tour you aren't missing much, as far as the baths are concerned. I was quite annoyed though, as I didn't at the time know they were normally locked. Consequently I didn't bother taking any pictures, as I assumed I would be able to come back later.

Artisan Coffee Shop


We will visit the area in this shot in a later episode of this tour. I am highlighting it now though, because last time we walked through here the Coffee Shop was shut. It is nice to see it up and running again.

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