Paphos Old Town in 2023 - Part 3

Published 7th of October, 2023

In the third part of our tour around Paphos Old Town, we start once again by the Moutallos Mosque. This time we head towards Chloraka, before cutting back and walking up to the new bus station and Markideio Theatre. Along the way we check out some more murals and some nicely renovated buildings, and say hello to a few old friends.

Moutallos Mosque


What can I say? I like the car park here, and I get to play with the cats before starting my commentary. So we find ourselves in Part 3 at the same place we were in Part 1. This time though, we are following the flow of traffic and heading towards Chloraka.

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Renovated Car Park


Soon we arrive at another car park, famous for not having a cat feeding station. The car park itself has been renovated. Before you go any further though, look behind you.

Behind You


Yes, there is another mural. This one is an advert for the tyre company in the building the wall is attached to. I remember that when they painted it, they were working on the Main Road through Old Town, and this road was turned into a traffic-light controlled two-way street. So we were able to see them painting this from our car. Now that the road is one way again, away from this building, I guess much fewer people actually see this, which is a shame.

Nice Paint Job


The buildings up here have all received a facelift and are now very colourful. Watch out for these bollards though. While I was filming the Walking Tour Companion Film to this article, I wasn't paying attention, and walked straight into one.

The reason there are so many bollards, in case you were wondering, is because some of the locals have a habit of parking as close as they can to wherever it is they want to get to, and would not think twice about parking on a pavement rather than pay for an official parking space.

Light Industry


I'm not sure what business this is. The stacked up white goods you can see in the interior would indicate that they might be repairers, but that is only speculation. I do know from Google however, that the Bamboo Spa next to it offers relaxing massages from a trained masseur.

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