Paphos Old Time In 2023 - Part 6

Published 27th of October, 2023

In the final part of our look around the Old Town of Paphos in 2023, we concentrate on the area East of the main road. We begin at Muse Restaurant and walk up to the Town Hall, before returning via Ivis Maliotou Park.

Yum Yum


Muse is a very popular Old Town Restaurant, and rightly so. I'm a big fan of their chicken kebabs, but they do a lot more than that. There are stunning views to be had here too, but we will save them for the end of the article.

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This Way


We parked at Muse, then headed towards the Town Hall area. We will be taking the first right in a moment.

The First Right


There is a church down here which is nice inside, if you are lucky enough to be passing when it is open. Turn here, because I want to show you something you might otherwise miss.

Ethnographic Museum


On the other side of the church you will find the Ethnographic Museum.

Not The Main Entrance


Rather surprisingly this was in the news recently, because somebody broke into it. I am not sure what was nicked but it does seem to be a rather odd target for thieves. Anyway, if the museum is open, go and take a look inside. Afterwards, follow the road round.

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