Cyprus Road Trip #2: Paphos - Coast to Coast

Published 25th of May, 2019

Agios Georgios Port


It is of course, tempting to disappear into the Akamas when you get this far west. But this is a road trip, and I deliberately avoid off-roading routes. One day I will do an eBook that covers the more hectic routes, but the road trips are just that - safe for all cars.

Meletis Forest Necropolis


Ok, so I did tiptoe a little bit into the Akamas, but the road to this point is still tarmac, so that's ok.

Pano Arodes


Now we could just drive along the main road from Agios Georgios to Latsi, but where would the fun be in that? Instead we take a detour through some of the villages of the Akamas. First up is Pano Arodes.

Kato Arodes


Next we visit Kato Arodes. This used to be a Turkish Cypriot village, so is a bit run down compared to its sister.



After that we stop in at Ineia, which is looking rather nice now that they have finished all the renovations.

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If you drive to the Akamas along the coastal road, you will eventually come off the main road and onto a side road leading to the Akamas proper. Before you go past the Searays cafe bar, you will see a nondescript sign on your right, next to a layby.

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